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The Joys of Caring for a Person with Dementia

Care-giving is a two-fold treasure chest of blessings waiting to be opened. The biggest need for most people who have dementia is that of compassionate care. In addition to the normal care-giving services (personal care, house-keeping, and transportation) a caregiver can bring joy into the life of a loved one with dementia, which will benefit the entire family. Listed below are simple compassionate expressions that caregivers should consciously demonstrate to make a huge difference in the care of a person with dementia. Expressions of love: 1. a smile 2. a warm hand 3. a hug 4. a kind word 5. a soft voice Expressions of companionship: 1. share a meal together 2. share a cup of coffee or tea together 3. sit outside together to enjoy nature (fresh air, birds, flowers, clouds, trees, etc.) 4. stroll in the park or another calming environment together Expressions of confirmation: 1. Show consistency when responding to questions asked repeatedly 2. Nod head in agreement as you listen to dementia person speak 3. Choose familiar topics of discussion with dementia person 4. Avoid asking difficult questions (i.e., specific periods in time, age, dates, etc.) The benefits of having a caregiver take care of your loved one at home can bring unimaginable joy into your home. It allows your loved one to have necessary outside interaction /socialization (besides just family members) and increases his or her emotional well-being. A new Gallup poll shows that socialization is clearly linked to happiness and lower stress levels. In an article titled, “Seniors Who Socialize Report More Happiness,” by Angela Stringfellow, senior citizens who had at least three hours of socialization were 20 percent happier and content than seniors with no social time. Do you or anyone you know need help caring for a loved one with dementia? At Blessings Beyond Care Services, LLC, we are excited to help secure a highly qualified caregiver who has been trained in handling dementia clients. For highly qualified caregivers who have been trained to care for Dementia patients/clients and have met all of the New 2016 State Requirements, please call us TODAY @ (619)710-9145. We will arrange a no-cost, no-obligation, “in-home assessment” to discuss and design a package catered to your specific needs.

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